gaining weight on a diet

Why Weight-loss Plateaus Happen

This situation is quite common if you believe a few random web-searches. A person goes on a diet, and starts off amazingly, the lbs just seem to be melting off. Of course, the good times do not last, and well away from their goal, they find themselves experiencing a weight loss plateau. As most do, they rush to Google, put in “weight loss stopped“, “weight-loss stalled“, “stopped losing weight” or another myriad of search terms. They will find a range of sites and forums, where they will be told about setting the deficit too high, exercising too much, having too much cortisol, not eating enough fiber, not hydrating enough, hydrating too much, and a lot of other things.

While the above mentioned are all things that may cause a weight-loss to stall, the number one reason for why people experience stalls is that their caloric deficit is non-existent. A body re-composition is not accomplished in the gym, it is accomplished in the kitchen and the bedroom. Precise nutrition, combined with adequate rest is what builds muscle and what drops fat from your body.

As I wrote in my post on my journey so far, I’ve tried and experimented with most dieting protocols out there and I have eventually experienced both full stops and intermittent stalls as I’ve worked my way ever closer to my goal. There is no single iron-clad doctrine of weight loss, nutrition and exercise, there are multiple approaches that work, and that all have their negative sides. However, they also work off the same principle; a calorie deficit.