Mid-Month Observations

I thought I’d do a quick update for mid-March since I haven’t been posting much.

I’m officially halfway to the end of the final stretch towards my weight-loss goal. I originally planned to run an aggressive calorie deficit for January, February and March, with the awareness that I may have to keep it going until the end of May in the worst case scenario. As of today, I’m down 8,9 kg (19,6 lbs) from my weigh-in on the first of January, and I’ve reached a stable weight of 80,2 kg (177 lbs). If I maintain the same average deficit for the rest of the month (872 calories per day on average), I will reach 78,34 kg (172 lbs) by the end of the month, just 3 lbs shy of my “optimistic goal” of 169 lbs. If I feel lean enough at that point I may go into a maintenance period, if not, I’ll continue dropping weight in April.

I do notice that I’m feeling hungry a lot more, and my focus is almost constantly on food. I’ve been playing with the idea of having a cheat meal or a refeed in the near future to see if that will help make it easier to manage. I’m also considering dropping my deficit down a bit in April, accepting that the last part of this journey will take an extra month or so, to make it a bit more tolerable. I’m not starving by any means, and I was losing weight at much higher rates last year, but I also had a lot more weight to lose at that point. My energy levels are suffering and I’m feeling cold much more than I’m used to, but the exceptionally cold winter we’re having where I live is hardly helping.

It’s just a matter of sticking to it. One of the funnier things nobody tells you about losing a lot of weight, is that your view of yourself doesn’t keep up with the weight-loss. I’m the leanest, strongest and least fat I’ve been in my adult life, and for the first time in 2 decades I have a normal BMI (23.9 today), yet I still feel very much like a fat dude. All the objective data I gather every month helps, so does taking progress pictures, but I expect that it’ll take time for my mind to adjust.

I had a fun experience the other day when I caught my reflection in a storefront and thought “That guy is pretty thin” until I realized that it was my own reflection.


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